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Apr. 22nd, 2008

Little Creek
Giving this another try.  I am very computer literate but still having some probs here.  Got some awesome help from a volunteer.  Fingers crossed!

Today has started better than the last 5.  No snow in the forecast, it is sunny (yeah!) and should be in the 50's for the rest of the week.  they are even saying it will be a nice weekend.  Yippee!


Little Creek
This is my first time posting on a blog.  Never set one up before either.  I just love talking about gardening, cooking, crafts, good books.

I guess first is to let you know a little about me.  I am 52 years old, married, Mom of 2 awesome teenage boys and live in Shoreline, WA....just north of Seattle. Seattle is pretty much zone 8 but, I am in what is known as a "convergence zone".  So we are hotter in the summer and colder in the winter.  We might have 5-7" of snow and Seattle will have nothing.  We are just 10 miles north of the city.  Anyway, we are more of a zone 7 here.  I also own a very small nursery and a line of great spa (bath) products that I make with my dear friend, Shari.  The nursery and the spa products all go by the name Little Creek.  Little Creek runs through my backyard and through the greenbelt that adjoins our property.

Just so I can get cooking going here, too, let me say I like to plan my menus about 2 weeks in advance.  It cuts down on trips to the grocery store and, on busy days/evenings, all I have to do is look at my list and I know right away what will be on the table.  I can spend hours at and  I love those sites because recipes are rated by users and you can start your own cookbook to include the recipes you have found that you like or want to try.

Had to switch the meal plan in a hurry yesterday.  All of a sudden i had 2 extra teenage boys here.  Since cabbage rolls are not high on their list of favorites, I changed dinner to a great taco bake and homemade refried beans.  They all loved it.  Whew!

What I am hoping is to have a fun place where we can share our ideas, successes, goofs (I don't really see them as failures if we learn something from them), great "different" ways to improve our gardens, control pests, neat tricks.  Same applies to cooking, crafts and whatever sounds interesting to you that would tie in with all of this.

Do not want to talk about politics (aren't you tired of it all already?), nothing that doesn't have anything to do with the list in the first sentence.  There are plenty of other places where we can rant or rave about all of those other issues.  The goal here is the have fun and share great ideas!

How did I come up with this name?  Like I said, I have a small nursery.  The sales run typically from the end of April through September.  The hubby wants the sales to not last as long this year so I can redo our front yard. Dang!  The Mother's Day sale is big.  I will have around 75 hanging baskets, up to 3000 gallon pots, a variety of herbs and veggies in 4" pots and a bunch of fun funky old containers all planted with great annuals and the occasional perennial or evergreen.  I collect the old containers during the year and can basically plant in anything that will hold soil.  My favorites have been watering cans (of course!), milk cans, cool old rusty wheelbarrows and big funnels.  Oh, and I grow all of the plants myself....except for the basket/container stuffers.  Flats take up a lot of space in the greenhouse and they are not all that expensive to buy.

I love to share my recipe for getting rid of aphids.  Oh, the ladybugs are great but, sometimes not quite enough.  Smash a couple of cloves of garlic and throw into a pot of boiling water.  Add one of those packets of red pepper flakes you get when you order a pizza.  Can buy that stuff bulk at your grocery store, too.  Remove from the heat and steep overnight.  The next day, strain your concoction into a spray bottle and you are good to go.  Now go spray those aphids!!  BUT!  You have to spray them at least 3 days in a row since aphids are BORN pregnant.  Be glad you are not an aphid!

So this gets us started.  My nickname is Yadda (and Terri-yacky....hence I got Terriyaki) for a reason and I probably could have just chatted up a storm here all by myself but, want others to be able to get a word in, too.  Have fun and welcome to my world!!!!


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